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 W4 - Mobile Technologies and Web 2.0 Tools
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  Sintra (Lisbon) - October 29 to 31 2009 

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 Workshop Methods- A series of practical exercises and activities will take participants through a journey from present to future mobile learning enhanced by innovative technology;- These hands-on activities will be structured around two mini workshops: - the first based on a mobile website creation; - the second based on Digital Narrative methodology (generate collaboratively a storyline for a digital film with video, pictures, podcasts, etc)


Mobile learning is the future of education and training. E-learning requires a PC and an internet connection while mobile learning enables you to learn from your mobile phone or PDA at lower cost with less equipment.  Designers and educators are recognizing that it’s no longer appropriate to think only of laptop/desktop browsing to access learning materials.
Mobile devices are typically used in a very distraction-filled environment. Learners may be on a bus, on a train, at the store, eating lunch, or at work. Even if mobile device screen is small and limits what the learner can see and can make it difficult to read a large amount of content, view graphics, or see moving graphics, screens like iPhonescreen are very generous and confortables to acess information. One challenge surrounding online learning is rapid technological change. This is especially  true with mobile learning. Mobile devices, like computers, quickly become outdated and are then replaced.

Adelina Moura     

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