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October 31
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Activity 1 - During the visit to Sintra write notes/comments in your mobile phone and share them on Twitter or Blogger. 

Activity 2 - Take pictures and send them to mobile Flickr by this email share your story/impressions with pictures and comments.
         Tasks before the activities

Task 1 -
See this video about "The Future of mobile learning" by Mike Sharples, 2007.
Or this one :Mobile Learning by Charlie Schick - manager of product development Nokia, Finland talks about the development of the mobile phone, social networking and the future of education in a networked world.
Or This one What is m-learning?

Task 2 - Listen some podcasts about education 

Activity 3 - Create some videos with your camera about Sintra to share them with friends or send them to Mobile Flickr.
Activity 4 - Create your own podcasts with your mobile phone and put them into our Gcast podcast.

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